Japanese WSBI lifestyle

This is "WSBI"

Rooted in Japanese culture and the wabi-sabi spirit of transience and imperfection.

Sharing time with family and friends through a cup of your liking.

Beautiful yet practical.

In Japan, the act of drinking is much more than just the act. It’s about relaxing and enjoying that moment of peace and quietness. If you’re with someone, it’s a time to drip a cup of coffee or tea for that special someone, hoping to bring a smile on their face. When alone, it’s a time to stop and reflect on yourself. Each are considered a part of the philosophy behind the wabi-sabi and omotenashi spirit unique to Japan, and WSBI hopes to introduce you to the culture of Japan through our products wherever you are in the world. Each word, “wa” and “sa” and “bi”, are represented by a Chinese character that reflect who we are and what we live for.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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